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Quad Biking

Quad-biking safari adventure via Sinai desert is designed for those who love high speed, nature and adventure..

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Tiran island is a large crescent shaped island, located at the entrance of the Straits of Tiran, separating the Red Sea..

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aqua park

Aqua Park

Aqua park daily trip with your family to spend amazing time,there are more than 32 water slides in aqua park..

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dolphin show

Dolphin Show

Dolphins Show is a show full of fun and enjoyment with 3 very smart and playful dolphins. It is a perfect option for children as well..

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Cairo By Plane

Cairo is a fascinating city just waiting to be explored. Its culture and beautiful sights are not to be missed..

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ras mohamed

Ras Mohamed

National park of Ras Mohamed is situated in the tourist region of the Red Sea, located 12 km from the city of Sharm-el-Sheikh..

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